How can I have fun in Ottawa?

27 Fantastic Things To Do In Ottawa, Canada

  • Visit Parliament Hill.
  • Explore the ByWard Market.
  • Visit the Rideau Canal + ByTown Museum.
  • Take a look at the National Gallery of Canada.
  • Have a drink at Tavern on the Hill.
  • Take a cruise/boat tour on the Ottawa River.
  • Visit the Canadian Museum of History.
  • Visit the Canadian War Museum.

What is there to do in Ottawa right now?

Top Attractions in Ottawa

  • Parliament Hill and Buildings. 9,527.
  • Canadian War Museum. 4,562.
  • Rideau Canal National Historic Site. 5,270.
  • Canadian Museum of Nature. 2,151.
  • National Gallery of Canada. 3,068.
  • Canada Aviation and Space Museum. 1,435.
  • Peace Tower. 1,291.
  • Little Pony Barrel Works. Breweries.

What can be done inside Ottawa?

  • Canadian War Museum. 4,563. Military museums • Points of interest and monuments.
  • Canadian Museum of Nature. 2,151.
  • National Gallery of Canada. 3,068.
  • Canada Aviation and Space Museum. 1,435.
  • Peace Tower. 1,291.
  • Little Pony Barrel Works. Breweries.
  • Royal Canadian Mint. 1,162.
  • Basilica of Notre Dame. 1,341.

What can couples do in Ottawa?

Top 10 Things to Do as a Couple in Ottawa

  • See the tulips bloom at Commissioners Park.
  • Kayaking on Lake Dow.
  • Hang a love lock on the Corktown Footbridge.
  • Picnic in Andrew Haydon Park.
  • Watch outdoor movies at Dundonald Park.
  • Learn salsa together at the Town Hall.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at Signatures Restaurant.

How do I spend a weekend in Ottawa?

Here are 12 things to do in Ottawa for a weekend:

  1. Take a guided tour of the Canadian Parliament Buildings.
  2. Stroll down Sparks Street.
  3. Explore the ByWard Market.
  4. Try a beaver tail.
  5. Enter the Notre-Dame Cathedral.
  6. Visit the National Gallery of Canada.
  7. Walk to Nepean Point.
  8. Happiness at Nordik Spa-Nature.

What is the most boring city in Canada?

Ottawa was named the most boring city. Abbotsford was once the murder capital of Canada, but it seems to have done a 180 turn in recent years.

What’s a 2-year-old to do in Ottawa?

20 things to do with young children in Ottawa

  • pirate life.
  • Little Kids Tuesday at the NAC.
  • Canadian Food and Agriculture Museum.
  • Cosmic Adventures.
  • Starr gymnastics.
  • Little Ray Reptile Zoo.
  • Ottawa Public Library Programs.
  • Valleyview Little Animal Farm.

What is there to do in Ottawa for teenagers?

Best Teen Fun Spots in Ottawa, ON

  1. TARG House. Arcades. Music venues.
  2. Cosmic Adventures. Amusement parks.
  3. Funhaven. Arcades.
  4. Sky Zone. trampoline parks.
  5. School of Rock. Musical Instruments and Teachers.
  6. Canada Science and Technology Museum. Museums.
  7. Saunders Farm. Venues and spaces for events.
  8. Canadian Tulip Festival. Festivals.

What can you do for free in Ottawa?

10 Free Things to Do in Ottawa

  • Visit Parliament Hill.
  • Take advantage of the museum’s free hours.
  • Take a look inside the governor’s office at Rideau Hall.
  • Watch buskers perform at Byward Market.
  • Explore Ottawa Farmers Markets.
  • Skate Rideau Canal in the winter.
  • Walk the forest trails in Gatineau Park.
  • Swim at Mooney’s Bay in the summer.

What is there to do in Ottawa at night?

Top Fun Things to Do at Night in Ottawa, ON

  1. TARG House. Arcades. Music venues.
  2. Escape from the mansion. escape games.
  3. Magic of Lights – Ottawa. Festivals.
  4. Level one game pub. Lounges.
  5. absolute comedy. comedy clubs.
  6. Canadian Museum of Nature. Museums.
  7. Funhaven. Arcades.
  8. Les Grands Feux du Casino du Lac-Leamy Sound of Light. Festivals.

Where can I take a girl in Ottawa?

  • Enjoy a canoe or kayak adventure.
  • Yuk Yuks Rooftop Comedy at Trattoria Café
  • Have a Romantic Picnic.
  • Live a surprise adventure.
  • Enjoy a drive-in movie.
  • Have a campfire night at Saunder’s Farm.
  • Grab an ice cream cone.
  • Spend the day in Manotick.

What are fun date ideas?

101 Fun Date Ideas

  • Plan and carry out a scavenger hunt or scavenger hunt for your partner.
  • Go tubing, kayaking, or canoeing together.
  • Go fruit picking together.
  • Enjoy a candlelight dinner together in your home or apartment.
  • Go for a bike ride together.
  • Go bowling together.
  • Attend a local festival together.

What are good first date ideas?

First Date Ideas

  • Just make dinner! There’s a reason it’s a classic: With no distractions other than something delicious, dinner is a great way to bond with a potential new partner.
  • Cook together.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Walk the shelter dogs.
  • Have breakfast.
  • Make a good deal.
  • Bring out the board games.
  • Go up to a game room.

Is 2 days in Ottawa enough?

There’s enough to do in Ottawa to fill a week, but I’d suggest passing 4 nights. You could spend 2 days walking down Elgin St. with many good restaurants and pubs and up to the Parliament buildings.

How many days should you spend in Ottawa?

There’s more than enough to keep you busy for a full weekend in Ottawa, with plenty of history, food, and culture to explore. Using this suggested itinerary from Ottawa, 2 days It is enough to enjoy the best moments. And if you miss something, you can always come back and watch it or do it next time.

What to do in Ottawa for two days?

How to spend 2 perfect days in Ottawa: the best things to do

  1. Parliament Hill.
  2. Confederation Building.
  3. Take a tour of the Supreme Court of Canada.
  4. Explore downtown Ottawa.
  5. Visit the National War Memorial.
  6. Take a bike ride along the Rideau Canal.
  7. Afternoon walk.
  8. Take photos with the OTTAWA sign.

Is Ottawa a boring city?

Last year, the website SmarterTravel ranked Canada’s “quiet and boring” national capital as one of the The nine most boring cities in the world.. But Ottawa’s bland reputation is outdated. Mostly by accident, but also partly by design, the quiet and boring have given way to the vibrant and diverse.

Is it good to live in Ottawa?

The city of Ottawa was ranked as the best place to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine (link is external) in 2016. In addition to a strong economy and high incomes, Ottawa also gets high marks for being pedestrian and transit friendly. And it was also ranked #1 as the best place to live for newcomers to Canada.

Is Canada a boring country?

Peaceful, prosperous and reasonable Canada has long suffered from the reputation of being one of the most boring countries in the world.

What’s a 5-year-old to do in Ottawa?

The best tourist places in Ottawa for children

  • Byward Market. Byward Market is not just a great place to hang out and do some shopping.
  • The Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • White water rafting.
  • Explore the Rideau Canal.
  • Indigenous experiences.
  • Ottawa Beaches.
  • The Canadian Museum of Nature.

What do you do with a 4 year old?

Fun learning ideas for 4 year olds

  • Read books together. Read books of all kinds to your child: pictures, words and pictures, pop-up, information and poetry.
  • Go to the library. Visiting the library is a great way to explore books together.
  • Sing songs to count.
  • Cut and paste.
  • Dress.
  • Play math games.
  • Cook together.

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